Thinking If You Can Ship Your Classic Car That Is Not in A Running Condition



A classic vintage car is a prized possession for those who have nurtured and kept it for years in their garage. It can be a classic car that does not run, but with a good and reliable transport company, that should not be a problem.

The process of transporting a classic car is pretty simple regardless of whether the car is actually in running condition or not. Only that, you need to do a little more research and slight preparation on your part.

When you require shipping a classic car that does not run, it is important to look for a transport company that has complete knowledge and the necessary equipment to handle the process. Ship A Car, Inc is the most appropriate transport company in the US, which has been shipping thousands of vintage cars since 2012.

Their team is fans of classic cars and so they know of the great love for such cars. They understand the worry that one has to go through in asking a stranger to take care of their car which is like a baby for their clients, as it is moving across the country or the state.

Definition of non-working classic cars by auto shipping companies

There are two ways how auto transport companies categorize non-working classic cars.

1) Cars that don’t run but roll, brakes, and steers- 

  • If your classic car does not run but brakes, rolls, and steers then you can easily ship it through an auto transport company in an open or enclosed carrier without any problem. 
  • You might be charged a non-run fee for the cost of shipping your car.
  • This is usually a few hundred dollars for the extra job of shipping a non-working car. 
  • The process complicates only when your classic car does not even brake, steer or roll. 

2) Cars that don’t even roll and steer-

  • This is considered to be immovable 
  • The vehicle will have to be shipped with a flatbed or tow truck company
  • The car is dragged up the ramp onto the trailer with winches 
  • This can create more damage to the car.

Shipping methods for classic cars

1)Enclosed carrier-

  • Your car is loaded onto an enclosed carrier through a liftgate
  • This is an excellent way of loading as it does not allow your car to move while loading so there are fewer chances of damage
  • Your car also gets protected from dust, dirt, and weather conditions

2)Open shipping-

  • The carrier company use either manual or hand-cranked winches for loading your car
  • A chain is used to pull the car up to the carrier
  • This is not a safe loading as there are chances of damaging the car
  • Moreover, the car is exposed to dirt, dust, and harsh weather conditions.

Good auto transport companies like Ship A Car, Inc specialize in classic car shipping and will always have winches and necessary equipment available with them. Once you have handed them their car for shipping, you need not worry at all. 


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